Saturday, January 5, 2013


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French acting legends Gérard Depardieu and former - and I mean former - sex symbol Bridget Bardot, are running for the border and are considering exchanging their French nationalities for Russian passports.

Acting heavyweight - and I mean heavyweight - Dépardieu, in protest of a proposed 75 percent tax rate and Bardot out of protest that two circus elephants face euthanasia due to their poor health.

One hopes both icons will do some more research before embracing Vladimir Putin's invitation to spend their holidays under the grey skies of Moscow instead of the south of France. The 75-percent tax law has since been struck down and Russia is still listed as the leader in slaughtering Bardot's beloved little seals.

To top off the irony - None of this should even be news. Legendary actor Alain Delon and crooner-rocker Johnny Halliday have been tax-exiles and residents of Switzerland for years.

Even Napoleon Bonaparte moved to the British island of Saint Helena - Oh, wait ...

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